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Corporate Trainings

We develop and facilitate training programs specific to organizational needs. We analyze corporate processes and recommend implementable actions for increased efficiency and overall improvement. We provide that most important third-party dispassionate viewpoint to help companies avoid pitfalls and wasted efforts. Our training programs result in 180-degrees turnaround on individuals as we impart competencies, enthusiasm and a winning mentality to the benefit of the individual, organization and society at large.

Outsourcing and Recruitments

Just so clients can focus on their core activities but especially for cost savings; we source, interview, recruit, train and deploy quality graduate trainees and experienced professionals strictly based on clients’ requirements. We also recruit, train and deploy low-cadre human resource complements and take full responsibility for their performance. We are also a recruitment agency for job seekers.

Sales Promotions and Product Launch

To launch a new product or increase short-term sales through spontaneous product-awareness campaign; we facilitate consumer promotions through recruiting promotional work force, organizing media campaign, road shows, promotional contests, customer forum, seminars, etc

Mystery Shopping

Because our exceptionally competitive market environment has recognized that only excellent customer service can retain customers and grow businesses; one of the most critical tools devised to measure, evaluate and objectively report service standards is the use of Mystery Shopper. This is the act of deploying a pre-arranged buyer posing as customer to evaluate service standards. We professionally deploy this tool in line with client’s guidelines to report real time service observations at customers’ outlets

Trade Fairs

We facilitate participation in Trade Fairs, Trade Promotions, Exhibitions, etc; from obtaining the participation documentation to recruitments, product positioning and effective merchandising.

Address Verification

We conduct verification of addresses for organizations desirous of confirming the details of their would-be clients, distributors, staff, local business partners and status of employee guarantors.

Intelligence Gathering

We monitor market trends, performance of products and trade partners. We carry out espionage activities on competition’s marketing strategies leveraging the information gathered to reposition our client’s product for increased patronage .

Distributorship Sourcing and Sales Agents Coordination

We link up large corporate with super key dealers to facilitate effective distribution of products. We also coordinate the activities of sales agents and distributors to ensure synchronized selling to reach target markets and achieve desired objectives.

Human Resource Management

We analyze and develop transparent HR structure that ensures optimization of resources through effective and appropriate deployment of skills, open appraisal systems, on-boarding and disengagement policies as well as identification of trainings needs

Business Seminars and Workshops

We facilitate specialized business seminars on Entrepreneurial Skills, Leadership and Development, Corporate Philosophy, Succession Planning, Strategic and Change Management, HR, Personal Development, Hiring the Best Hands and Creating a Winning Team, etc. We also organize seminars on new or existing products, sale of programs, policies, skills, ideas, etc

Personal Business Coaching

Exploiting our rich and varied experience in Human Capital Development, we coach as well as hand-hold individuals till commencement and successful implementation of their preferred careers or business goals to avoid mistakes wasted efforts.

Public Relations

We facilitate building positive relations with our clients’ various publics exploiting our relationship with the media added to other PR tools to project good corporate or personal image while handling and/or warding off unfavorable publicity

Directories/Resource Materials/Website Content

We produce directories, brochures and manuals on select products, institutions, organizations, agencies, occasions, trade associations, etc. We also sell life application/inspirational books, e-books, autobiographies, Journals, DVDs, CDs, Videos, etc. We also develop rich content for websites and corporate profiles.    

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Contact SFC Nigeria
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