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About Us

Our Commitment

SFC is committed to consulting services

A Desire to Serve

Our philosophy is centered on creating value and exceeding client\'s expectations on every transaction touch point. Our system is designed to give each client a customized service based on our deep understanding of clients\' needs; our internal research and knowledge of the market and its dynamics. We are unique in management consulting for two critical reasons:

  1. Our Expertise : Over the years, we have achieved a massive positive impact in the corporate community through our best–in-class training programs and consulting services.
  2. Our Products and Services : The breadth and depth of our products ensure we provide solutions that meet client’s business needs. Our customer experience management and in-depth and enjoyable trainings acknowledged as extraordinary demonstrates that we are your partner in growth.
  3. Increased Revenues : We guarantee increase in sales due toenhanced and impactful selling and customer service skills trainings.
  4. Improved Profitability : Better operational efficiency leading to wastage reduction, cost savings and ultimately, improved profitability.
  5. Process Improvement : Improved productivity and reduced duplication of efforts as less time is spent correcting mistakes while getting it right the first time.
  6. Cost Savings : Lower staff turnover, reduction in recruitment costs, bad debts, maintenance costs; reduced accident rates and general operational efficiency.
  7. Performance Improvement : Improved output in quality, quantity, speed, safety and problem solving. Staff are also better positioned to cope with organizational changes.
  8. Increased Job Satisfaction : Our personal development programs impact a winning attitude and skills which boost staff morale and confidence thereby creating efficiency while facilitating enthusiastic passion and excitement on the Job.
  9. Entrepreneurial skills : Staff imbibes ownership spirit required to drive the organization to exceed set goals and objectives while positioning them to assume bigger roles and responsibilities.
  10. Attitudinal Transformation : Total positive change in attitude, ethics, motivation, teamwork, leadership, communication and reduced staff conflicts.
  11. Workplace of Choice : The organization is perceived as employer of choice as it attracts and retains the best hands.
Contact SFC Nigeria
Contact SFC Nigeria
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