About SF Metrics & Analytics

SF Metrics and Analytics is a specialist in corporate training, recruitments, business structuring, marketing strategies, and general business consulting.

With its subsidiary, SalesForce Consulting, we analyze organizations, competition, and market trends, then work with clients to develop and implement cutting-edge sales strategies to increase market share and achieve a wider coverage of territories on a consistent basis.

At the helm of affairs of SF Metrics and Analytics is a team of highly competent and accomplished professionals who have unparalleled track records in Manufacturing, Banking, Sales and Marketing, Audit, HR functions, Control and Compliance, Consulting,  Entrepreneurship, Research, etc.


To rank amongst the leading human capital development and general business consulting firms facilitating unprecedented patronage of our clients’ products and services.


To consistently deliver unique and most practicable solutions in all our chosen business segments.


Our Core Values

Passion for Clients

Our customers come first. We strive to develop a deep understanding of their real and implied needs and respond proactively with solutions to facilitate patronage of their products and services


Our business is, and shall evidently be seen to operate on the strictest level of ethical standards with total aversion to immoral, fraudulent and illegal deals and suspicious transactions.

Superior Value

We offer much more than value for money always striving to exceed customers’ expectations required to create enduring relationships.

Solutions Driven

We strive to operate at the top of the league in our chosen markets with creative and most appropriate solutions synergizing with both local and global organizations to achieve this goal.

Continuous Learning

We are dedicated to lifetime learning and research and continuous hunt for knowledge and new skills. We seek to deploy the acquired competencies to solve problems and create value.

A Desire To Serve

Our philosophy is centered on creating value and exceeding client’s expectations on every transaction touch point. Our system is designed to give each client a customized service based on our deep understanding of clients’ needs; our internal research and knowledge of the market and its dynamics.